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IEEE MEMS Technical Community

IEEE Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Technical Community will keep you abreast of the latest in MEMS ideas, designs, and manufacturing methodologies, many of which could very well spark new thinking and enable new capabilities in a myriad of IEEE fields. MEMS is an enabling technology harnessing the benefits of miniaturization in physical domains beyond the electrical and found in billions of devices today. The field of MEMS encompasses tiny (generally chip-scale) devices or systems capable of realizing functions not easily achievable via macroscopic ones. Many IEEE organizational units already benefit from MEMS, as the utility of its fundamental concepts and technology touches nearly all IEEE field of interest areas.

Why join IEEE MEMS TC? Because they do:
  • Programming and activities for all MEMS community
  • Conference sponsorship
  • Travel support for students
  • New publications
  • Educational activities
  • Women in MEMS programming
To join IEEE MEMS TC, visit this link; add the membership ($0) to your cart and check out. IEEE membership is NOT required

Engage with IEEE MEMS TC!
  • Help transition the TC to a Council and then Society!
  • A Council allows IEEE Fellows, IEEE awards, & a financial reserve
  • A Society allows members
  • Greater support for MEMS activities
  • To volunteer, visit this link; fill out survey and indicate your level of involvement; add your email to be on the mailing list for updates.